Sunday, December 30, 2007

12.30.07 - legal UBX?

Jeff wrote a letter to the owners of the property and got a response that said go for it, its scheduled for demolition soon... so we came by and shot with letter in hand.


i thought this was creepy

rusted wheel


why ubx is illegal.
this JUST went through my shoe... i had a hard time getting it out but I was lucky...
jim baker

12.29.07 - national zoo

Caleb and I went to the National Zoo on saturday... tell me why the WHOLE way out is all uphill? We met up with Chris and went to Cactus Cantina's which has the BEST mexican food ever. And then we went to the Natural History museum which has some awesome wildlife photography on display that you should check out.

not to be controversial but I didn't evolve from these things.

i think i would like a panda as a pet

it only looks like your normal house cat
but this thing could rip your face off

i made sure not to taunt it because i didn't want to get mauled before going to hawaii
jim baker

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

12.26.07 - ABC Wednesday "W"

double u.
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willow tree figurine
(see more here.)

(not a wisp like I had originally, thanks tim.)




jim baker

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The cathedral in HDR

correctly exposed

9 series REAL HDR

faux hdr photoshop trick

lemme know what you think.
If you have no clue what HDR is its a combination of images at different exposures combined. Google it and you can find out more.
jim baker

the shots that don't go in the portfolio from yesterday

I like blogging because I'm allowed to share photos on my B list.

to help show perspective

wanna hear my dirty little secret? I have a fascination with public bathrooms... I wish I could photograph them all. I think its just the simplicity of them and the symmetry and repetition. I was in there twice yesterday and chickened out the first time. But the second time I was about to shoot and a guy came in... so I waited around like I was checking my phone until he left then snapped this shot real fast. As I was walking out he was walking back in with his camera gear... haha.

"make this one gangsta..."
does this remind you of this?

I might throw this one in my portfolio... it doesn't really show the scale of this escalator but it was huge.

jim baker

details from the cathedral

why didn't i post this yesterday?!

pretty typical... but its good to have typical sometimes

jim baker

12.22.07 - National Cathedral

Chris Hidey and I went out to the National Cathedral yesterday. I hadn't been there since I was a child. I remember going with one of my second cousins or first cousins once removed... or however those cousins work... (it's really my mothers cousin, but she's about my sisters age) and she's the one that really got me into photography.

There's nothing really to show perspective in this shot... but if you haven't been you should go. It's a bit of a hike from the metro though.

Another exterior shot.

The beauty of the place is the indoors. Another beautiful thing about it is they actually allow you to use a tripod.

I used my remote for this shot with mirror lock up. It should be extremely TAC sharp.

"excuse me sir, finish taking your shot and then you need to leave this area its prohibited."
"thank you, I'm sorry."

a child looks out the observation deck of the 7th story.

I'll post some other stuff later from this trip...
leave me some love.
jim baker

Friday, December 21, 2007

12.21.07 - Allison

Besides being my last day of work today, (uneventful) I got to shoot a portrait session (which I feel like I haven't done forever) for my friend Allison who needed some portraits done for this upcoming Holiday Season.
(You all should have been so smart.. its still not too late haha)

Allison and I worked together two summers ago in an extended year program for special needs toddlers. She did an awesome job today.

I started out with this pose because it was fresh in my mind...
I've decided that this is indeed a flattering angle and not "condescending" at all.

This was shot with my new 70-200 F4

Lake Elkhorn never gets old...

Allison is also a very talented piano player. And my flash actually did what I wanted it too!
(flash bounced off the ceiling dialed down to like 1/8 power)

A mix of natural light and ambient light makes for a good window portrait. Achieved solely because of a fast lens. Thanks to Chris Hidey for letting me borrow his 50 1.8, mine won't get here now until the 27th.

I love the composition and lighting of this shot.

Allison and I got to hang out afterward and grab a bite to eat a Michael's Pub (which has some really good wings)
Thank you Allison for the privilege of shooting you, you did a great job. I think this is one of my favorite shoots ever. I love that even though we only shot for about an hour and a half we got so many different looking photos.

Off to the National Cathedral tomorrow weather permitting with Chris Hidey. If anyone wants to kick it late night I'm trying to force myself to get on hawaii time now so I can hit the ground running.

Jim Baker

Thursday, December 20, 2007

more from last night...

Christopher McHidey and I went out to the Columbia lake front last night to shoot. All of this was done with my new 70-200 f4.

what is this thing?! and why does columbia have such random landmarks...

choose civility.

i think i'm expecting a positive response for this one...
but then again you never know.
jim baker

p.s I haven't bordered a shot in a long time...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


better? worse?
jim baker