Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Monday's shoot... haven't seen this guy in a while, he used to be a leader for a youth group I was in... he wanted to show me his churches new building, they are buying a building and turning it into a cafe, desiring to be good stewards of their building... i think thats awesome. All these shots were shot inside of the building being rennovated...

and just so you know it was me doing the shooting. :)

jim baker

Friday, January 19, 2007


thought i messed up my cf card tonite... james hong to the rescue... he told me how to fix it...

shot this while sitting at my desk... desk and my desklamp and some stuff in my room.


jim baker

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


here's an old shot that i went back and reedited... was just looking for a shot so i could try out some of the new fonts i got...

messing with 'double exposure' digital style... which do you like better? i need to go out and devote a day to just shooting textures... hmmm...

jim baker


a shot from this weekend's mission confrence. I wish i would have shot a lot more at this confrence, but I have a really hard time getting in there and shooting, expecially during moments like these... I guess maybe I'm to sensitive to get the shots I need... during worship times I rather be focused on worship, or if I am shooting, I don't want to be a hindrence or distraction to worship... does someone want to buy me a longer lens so I can stand across the room and shoot? :)

Saturday, January 6, 2007

First shoot of 2007

Favorite shot from today's session.

I started this whole blog because I wanted another place to display my work... I used to have it the below photos up on but I decided to take it all down so that I could fill my portfolio back up this year and keep pushing myself. I also finished my website today you can check it out at feel free to leave comments.

Jim Baker