Wednesday, February 11, 2009

02.10.09 - GOYA?

water_droplet_leaves (1 of 1)-2

been trying to get up and just walk for a bit in the morning just to get my blood flowing... i saw this outside of the classroom before class... and if you look here you can see the rest of what I saw. (If you click on the link soon, if you click on that link a week from now you will see new stuff that I shot and things won't make sense.)

i'm going to stop signing my name all the time...

eh maybe not,
jim baker

Monday, February 9, 2009

02.08.09 - most viewed picture on flickr

indian food

there it is... with over a thousand views...

guess i should just throw the towel in start shooting indian food all the time

my next closet photo... 270 views

compact_edit (1 of 1)

which is my only picture to have actually made it and stayed in explore...

i guess i just need to keep linking to these pics instead of posting them on here and maybe that will give me some more hits...

anyway... go look at pictures on my flickr OTHER than the indian food one...

in other news... i was trying to reformat my blog cause i was thinking i should use it as a real blog and got motivated started moving things around and deleting them... and then decided forget it... but in the mean time i lost everyone that i had linked... if you still read my blog and have a blog leave me a comment

jim baker