Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm about to go send my computer in for repairs, so I'm going to take this time to rest from blogging and photography. I encourage you to go surf through my archives and pick your top 3 favorite pictures that I've taken and let me know what they are and why. I'll be back in a week or so...

jim baker

Saturday, October 27, 2007

10.27.07 - car accident

handheld 30 sec exposure while driving...
no i didn't get into a car accident but probably shouldn't be shooting and driving at the same time... i thought that all of the chaos in this picture reminded me of a car accident.
jim baker

Friday, October 26, 2007

10.26.07 - little italy

little italy tonite with some friends...



vaccaros for dessert.

"if it's not to late for coffee I'll be at your place at ten." - copeland
thanks to my friends who hate having their pictures taken but don't mind that i shoot at dinner time...
jim baker

more of yesterday

It's been raining for like 3 days straight... that didn't stop Chris and I from shooting.

here's Chris' boo boo... he was taking the easy way down, jumping, but slipped because it was wet.

not hdr just sharpened a ton...
had to talk fast to a security guard since he thought taking picture of infastructure seemed "terroist" like. I reassured him that we were just photographers taking picture of lines and shapes and such... he took down my tag number and let us stay.

jim baker

10.25.07 - 8 of me

8 of me...

tottaly stole this idea from Miss Aniela
found her following links from to flickr to her website
her work is far more superior, plus she has a much nicer looking model to start out with ;)

i shot more than this tonite but its after midnite and i have to work tomorrow... i'll post more stuff tomorrow.

jim baker

Thursday, October 25, 2007

photography thoughts...

this was my little mobile workstation at the wedding i shot last weekend.

Bonnie just wrote a post and wants to get more visual with her blog... I've been thinking about my blog here a lot latley too... I wanted to write just some thoughts out but wondered if i could even do so without posting some sort of picture since this is my photography blog... this picture took a few attempts at uploading too so I almost posted without a picture... something I have not yet done on this blog. Obviously there are no RULES its my blog I can do what i want but... I'm rambling...

I go through this stage every once in a while... (more often than I'd like to admit) where I see someone elses work and just get so discontent with my own. Last night I saw these pictures here of Clara's (whom I dont' know) following blog links and am just in awe. They just have that 'artsy' feel... I think my pics are ussualy technically sound but I feel I really lack creativity and artistic edge in my work. I think that these pics can be classified with the whole 'deviant art' scene... kind of post modern emo art. Dark, simple and clean but extreemly communicative. I love this stuff... but this style doesn't show up in my work. Maybe its just not who i am... its like me trying to play heavy rock music, i could kind of fake it but it wasn't me.

I'm not searching for compliments on my work, and this isn't a competition with anyone so we don't need to compare... but i just get frustrated. Yesterday I deleted a BUNCH of pics from my portfolio... and as I flip through these past two months of work that I've been posting I'm really not satisfied. There are SOME good pictures, but there are some pics that I posted that are utter crap. My original intention though was to just GET OUT and shoot everyday, i think this is the most consistent I've been with anything in my life ever... so at least I'm meeting that goal. I've learned a lot too over the past few months too just by getting out and shooting on the regular.

I'm also frustrated that the pics from the first wedding set I posted didn't all show up. Does anyone know what that is about? Does blogger have a limit? I remember my friend Michaela had this problem with a blog she set up last year for the movie she was helping on, but when I went there to find the link all of her pics showed up.

I'm feeling kind of uninspired... I've got some trips coming up that hopefully will stoke that fire.

I tried backing up my WHOLE harddrive last night and it didn't work. I'm going to need a external harddrive soon anyway, two years worth of pictures is filling mine up.

Where I'm getting the money for that... i don't know.

I guess its good that I'm not satisfied with my current state of art... there is always room to improve. I try to constantly look at other peoples work.

Two big peices of advice that Hannah Westphall said when she got back from her School of Documentary Photography (Michaela was in this school too) was to constantly look at other peoples work and figure out why you like it and just get out there and shoot.

I try to do those things... and I try to always tell people that are asking me advice on photography these two things. Maybe at another time I'll post all of the places that I frequent for inspiration.

blah blah blah,
jim baker

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

10.24.07 - fall colors

meh... i shot this through my window this evening... nothing special.
i'm suppose to go out and shoot this evening... but its pouring... and i'm tired...
we'll see what happens.

i actually called applecare and am taking care of a problem that i've had for a year with my internal speakers... it means i will be without my baby for a week. i'm not sure how i can manage. i need to back up my hard drive tonite.

i ordered a gig of ram too for my computer... when it comes back all fixed up, i'm going to give it a present of another gig of ram because i will have missed it so much.

jim baker

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10.23.07 - pics of pics.

this used to be my life...

i want a capo!
this pic is dedicated to Sarah Y.

jim baker

Monday, October 22, 2007

10.22.07 - kiss my glass?

i met Bonnie today in person, she lives a whopping mile from my house. I'm thinking this is the first person i've met from the internet... but in reality, all of my photography clients and i speak on the internet before we meet in person... but this was different because Bonnie and I have been interacting more on a friend level and not a business level for the past month, commenting on each others blogs. She has a beautiful home, very colorful, very aristicly decorated... bright and open, i want to shoot her house. Bonnie originally found my blog and commented on a shot that I did of a glass. We decided that we should get together and I should try to shoot some of her glass art. She has a lot of great peices... I knew shooting glass was hard, but I didn't know HOW hard. We experiemented for a long time and then about 3 hours into the process I think we got it. We only walked away with 6 peices shot and I hope Bonnie's pleased with them. It was a good learning experience, it just took a lot longer than I think both of us had planned. Bonnie was extreemly gracious and patient with me... I even knicked one of her walls moving a table back when I left (I'm sorry!)

I think that has been the most writing I've done yet on this blog... onto the photos.

each peice is about 6" square and placed in a matted shadow box.

gangsta tot lot,
jim baker

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Woods/Welch Reception

more shots from the reception.
a lot of you have said you can't see all the pictures...
you can view a slideshow of the pictures here.

first dance

a dancing good time.

bride, best man, and groom

how low can you go?

groom and flower girl

maid of honor toast.

best man toast.

saw it and had to shoot it. :)

cutting the cake.

ring bearer and maid of honor


say goodbye.

again congrats and best wishes to Natalie and Dave!
thanks for allowing me to be a part of your special day.
jim baker

Woods/Welch Wedding

Natalie and Dave's wedding!
Friends and family of the bride and groom feel free to leave comments of congrats.
I only got through sorting up to the ceremony today and these are just a FEW of my favorites.

Pray for good weather the bride told me the night before... i did and it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day!

i'd never been to a salon before, but threw in this time for the client for free... i think that these shots just help give the viewer the feel for the full day.

the groom gets ready

i'm not sure why but i really like this shot...

what a good looking wedding party!

the ringbearer

shot of the guys

the rings

the program

the rev

passing out the program

at the alter

smiles during the ceremony



Congrats Natalie and Dave!!!
jim baker

p.s reception shots will be posted soon...