Thursday, March 29, 2007


5 shots today...

lydia gets a latvia lesson.
(good use of alliteration) (good use of spelling?) (i'm a photographer not an english major)

Andis, a teen that the Bischoff's disciple.

I think these look like abercrombie ads.
Why all of the sudden am I getting a lot of e-mails from young single american girls that now want to move to Latvia to disciple teens? (it's a joke)

Church in Valdemarpils, Latvia.

Church shot 2, Valdemarpils, Latvia.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Still in Latvia... shot a lot today... these are my 3 favorites...

Lighting makes all the difference in the world...

Lydia gives Ieva a hug before she leaves for the states.

Seth signing off for the night...

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

more of the day... Tuesday...

its 1:45am again... I need to seriously get more sleep than I'm getting... heres a few more shots from today.

Chris shares a moment with Ieva showing her something on the computer.
(a mac commercial?)

prayer before dinner...

Ieva looks on as Andis and Lydia hang out in the kitchen.

Interview with Ieva, we drew a crowd of little kids.

03.27.07 - day 4 in latvia

Seth and I were up last night until 4am working... its 6pm now... heres a few shots from our working day...

3 laptops? nicceeee

Seth editing at his mobile office... it amazes me that we can do everything we need to over here.

More shots of Seth busy at work... haha, you can see my face on his screen.

And a picture of Saulite the Bischoff's cat.

Monday, March 26, 2007


i've hardly been shooting with a flash on this trip... and I think i'm falling in love with natural light... i'm having a really hard time getting my flash to do what I want it to do on this trip... i guess its a balance... being able to do both and getting good results and knowing when to use which...

anyway, heres a few shots from this afternoon.

Shoot with Ieva for a prayer card for her upcoming missions trips.

Showing Andis about aperture and f-stops.

A dairy plant... i learned the word for 'cow' today in latvian but I don't remember it now...

Andis playing piano to one of his new songs...

shots day 2... (i guess this is really day 3... i'm still jetlagging)

Ieva and Lydia look at work after class.
(This shot was not planned at all even though it looks like it was)

More documenting of the documenting... i liked the lighting...

Lydia teaching her English 12 class.
(she gets yelled at all the time for sitting on desks)

Some architecture in Talsi
(taken during our lunch break)

Lydia sitting at her desk at the Talsi Christian School.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

first of the shots from the documentary...

Ieva prepares for her worship concert for orphans in Alsunga Latvia.

Set list preperation.

Lydia talks on skype with some of the teens she's mentoring.

Ieva, me and Daiga, (the Mexico 07 team) where's mark :(
(photo courtesy of Seth Rainwater)

Andis takes a break during a worship concert for orphans in Alsunga Latvia.

Chris walking up the 3 flights of stairs to his apartment.

Daiga stands in an old abandonded apartment high rise in Kemeri Latvia.

Documentary at its finest... keep that tape rollin'

Abandonded room in Kemeri Latvia.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

age in place

age in place outreach with the mexico team.