Wednesday, February 11, 2009

02.10.09 - GOYA?

water_droplet_leaves (1 of 1)-2

been trying to get up and just walk for a bit in the morning just to get my blood flowing... i saw this outside of the classroom before class... and if you look here you can see the rest of what I saw. (If you click on the link soon, if you click on that link a week from now you will see new stuff that I shot and things won't make sense.)

i'm going to stop signing my name all the time...

eh maybe not,
jim baker


Sarah said...

so pretty!
jimbo! how are you? i miss you and mex!

DP said...

wow! that just makes a plant look magnificent!

kelly said...

Great Photo!

Talya Raphaella Frankl (AKA Archangel Sandalphon) said...

Randomly found your website! Beautiful picture. I have a picture of an iris I took at the San Francisco Botanical Garden last year posted on my blog at that shows my mad (nOObie) skillz. ;) Actually, it was taken on my husband's camera and he processed it for me. But those shutter skillz were all me!!!! ;)

tricy16smiles said...

I love your blog!!!!! I have always found interest in photography =)I will definately be a regular follower. Think you could check mine out? Im new at this, Im only 14 so it probably wouldnt be very interesting to you, but it would be great if you could give any suggestions!!
Thanks so much!! =)