Friday, January 16, 2009

01.16.09 - some tests on gear...

So the nice thing about staffing a photography school is I'm are surrounded by passionate photographers, which in turn inspires me to get out and shoot. And also... there is a lot of gear around for me to borrow and test. Which sometimes causes me to covet... but at least I am seeing what is out there.

My first test was with the 40d. I have a Canon 20d and I wanted to see how much better the 40d handled noise at high iso levels.

I would post the results but you can't really tell unless you are zooming in at a 2:1 view. But the 20d actually handled noise better. Which is quite nice, because otherwise I would want to dish out the cash to buy a new camera body... its good to be content with what you have.

Second test... the 70-200f4 IS... i have the 70-200 non IS. Both shot seconds apart on my 20d from a standing position. This one is humbling.

IS - ISO 400 - F4 - 1/40s
(notice the sharpness in the text even though handheld with a slow shutter speed)

non IS - :( - ISO 400 - F4 - 1/50s

The 70-200F4 IS is selling new at BH for $1025.00

jim baker


DP said...

wow i can sorta relate to the gear and stuff having an interest in technology. for some reason when it comes with technology, you can never be satisfied because something better will always come out by next year. But, you're a very very very good photographer and i just love gazing at all of the pictures and getting lost in its essence :)

davidy93 said...

ooo i live the color on the first photo

Блондинка said...

good photo